Hi, and welcome to my trade page. Browse around and see if there's something you like. If there is, don' t hesitate to mail me at bastion@hallunk.dk and we'll work something out. I'm always open to get new DT boots, but please! NO MP3 SOURCED BOOTS! I don't trade them myself, and I'd like not to receive such. When I list MP3-boots anyway, it's because I have them, and maybe some people are desperate enough to want them :)
NOTICE: I'm currently not doing any trading.

= 1 CDR
= 1 VCD or DivX

The boots are NOT ordered by date. I will be correcting this as I discover their dates.

Graspop Festival 28/6 1998 cdr
House Of Blues 3/3 2000 cdrcdr
A House I'm Theown From 4/2 2000 cdrcdr
Bogarting The Joint 16/8 2000 cdrcdr\ /><img src=
Brotherly Deceit   cdrcdr
Hampton Beach 8/4 1998 cdrcdr
Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo Japan   cdrcdr
Nighttown Nostalgia   cdrcdr
The Show That Stumped Them All 28/3 2002 cdrcdrcdr
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Gems, rarities and other stuff
John Petrucci At G3, Boston   cdr
The Mike Portnoy Forum Compilation   cdrcdr
Acoustic Dreams   cdr
Trial of Singles   cdr
Neil 'n' Nick Live at The Thomas Read Pub 11/7 2000 cdrcdrcdr
G3 - Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson (DivX with AC3 sound)   vcd
Dream Theater in Buffalo (DivX) 16/1 1993 vcd
Dream Theater - No Sleep Till Brooklyn   cdr
Breakdown In Berlin (VCD)   vcdvcd
DT @ House Of Blues 3/3 2000
The Beacon, New York 27/3 2002 vcdvcdvcd
Rush - By-Tor on the Mountain 29/6 2002 cdrcdrcdr
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Christmas CD's 97 + 99 + 2000   cdr
InstruMENTAL I + II + III   cdr
Antiquities Prism 1996 cdr
Scenes From a Memory Prism 1996 cdr
The Lost Paris Tapes   cdr
Prescious Things 1996 cdr
Darkest of Winters 1996 cdr
When Dream And Day Unites - James   cdr
Dream Fulfilled, The Beacon, New York 27/3 2002 cdrcdrcdr
Three Hours of Inner Turbulence, Paris, France 7/2 2002 cdrcdrcdr
Lost in the Sky   cdr
The Dance of Eternity   cdr
Fasten Your Seatbelts   cdrcdr
A Kick Into A Dream   cdrcdr
TransAtlantic - Cambridge 20/6 2000 cdrcdr
TransAtlantic - Wetlands Preserve 23/6 2000 cdrcdr
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